Meet Jane

When building, we interviewed and investigated many options. We created a composite customer persona to build our tools and called her Jane.

Jane is 24 years old, living in Sydney and working casual hours. Jane wants to use public transport but has an invisible disability that limits her ability to walk long distances or move quickly in crowds (like peak hour) but doesn’t need a wheelchair.

Jane wants to use public transport

Using public transport is difficult and existing journey planners never quite meet her needs. Travelling to new places is daunting, requires a lot of planning and a contingency plan just in case something goes wrong.

Jane wants to be independent

Jane wants to live a spontaneous life but what are her choices? She takes a car, she begs her friends and family for a lift or, she stays at home.

Jane finds abilio

A simple solution with life changing implications. gives Jane her independence. Journey planning with allows Jane to choose what accessibility features are important to her. She can decide how far she wants to walk, the hills she can climb, and whether or not she wants to use the stairs.

abilio empowers her transport choices

She doesn’t have to worry about finding a new route if services change because will do it for her. can even call her an Uber if she gets tired halfway through her journey.

Staying at home is now a choice